RiRi continua a lavorare alla sua musica. E’ stata fotografata mentre usciva da uno studio di registrazione alle 3 di notte a Los Angeles, ieri sera.

Grazie anche a Mike!

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  1. hie,let thing change somehow i can forget rihanna,if my lover feel wat feel to be alone i will feel so much joy dreaming about u far cross d space between us ,ur the one for me i can”t deny wat i feel for u is ture.save me back when i was in school i use to love u i have got heartbroken few times in the past,if there was a way for me to be there with u.there will be know me,so i will not be dat type to breakup a happy heart i am in ur sercurety d way u drive me wide.the picture of u i wonder wat life come to mean ur feeling is just too strong,then you re not in the mode don”t forget about me.if i get to you ,you get to me my love is good pls come to nigeria and gang out with me ,bye

  2. I founf everything, a lot password !!!. Need to prepare papers for vet . I hope i’am getting everything right. I need to smile and a little nervous don’t no why! I hope i understand Brian.

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