Ebbene si, altra sopresona di Rihanna… La scorsa notte è entrata nella chat del RihannaDaily per parlare con tutti noi fan e ha rivelato alcuni dettagli sui primi due singoli (ha pure scritto tutto il ritornello di Only Girl), sull’album, sul profumo e sul film. Ecco tutto quello che ha detto (in evidenziato trovate le notizie più importanti!):

-well this is rihanna, so who are u? im constantly watching to hear what u guys say

-what u like, what u dont like, what u want

-all the fake Rihannas are making it hard for me to communicate with my fans Carib Queen

-hey Natalie, whats up wit the site, my fans are going crazy here

{la gente parla di Lady Gaga}

-and ur on whose fansite again???????? lmfao

-ok hey everyone, its me RIHANNA, but i dont think u guys believed it, sooo

heres the first line of the hook

want u to make me feel….like im the only girl in the woooorrrrlllldddd

2nd line

like im the only one that you’ll ever looooveee…..

like im the only one who knows your heaaarrttt….Only Girl in the woooorrrlllddd

like im the only one thats in commaaannnddd

cuz im the only one who understaaannnddsss

how to make u feel like a maaannnn….only oneeee

yall are COMPLETELY missin it, but that was the entire hook (lyrics)! Ya mt wanna write em down

-just a teaser for now! but @ the end of the day you guys matter to me more than ANYTHING

-u spend ur liiiiiivvvveeee on this site just to be updated on what im doing/wearing

-thank u for your unconditional support! P.S stay tuned @ midnight on Labor Day, its gonna be a PARTY bitcheeeessss

-bust out ya glow sticks, muah!

-yall really dont think i come to this site huh?

-theres a new look and feel to this album…

i will premiere the name of the ALBUM right here on RD on Labor Day @ midnt east coast time

{gecko dice: “we all know ur not rihanna lol”}

-gecko, hey silly! lol, how bout i give u the name of the album rt NOW????

-who wants to know the name of my new album rt now???

-i love u guys too

-u guys are the most loyal and dedicated fans in the woooorrrllllddd! thats why ima have ur back for life!!!

-so heres the deal: i want everybody to bust out their glow sticks on monday nt

{quando uscirà Battleship?}

lol, we still filming, not sure

-woooowww! if im the ONLY GIRL in the world, who are all of these Only Girls??? ur confusing my fans

i come to this site everyday, and since its been down, its been really interesting to watch u guys talk, to hear what ur thinking

-u guys are really smart its pretty incredible

-yea i asked her to reach out to u guys, cuz u were about to ban me! lol, no one wud believe me and now theres an ONLY.GIRL

-i love u guys too! u get so excited here! awesome

super duper SASSY! the best work ive done, under the WORST schedule EVERRRR

cuz i was on tour, then on the studio bus every nt after the show til 6am while also preparing for a film! just wish there were 40 days in amonth

-im not tweeting rt now! i dont wanna talk to the world just u guys…

-u tell me…i love it, so i cant wait for u to hear it

-Brazil is DEF in the works! cant wait

-so many questions, i dont know where to start, lol

-no! those november brazil dates were fake!

-november i’ll be promoting my album, then back to finish the movie

-hold on, i almost dont wanna post until its pink, cuz ppl are getting frustrated i can tell


-crazy start huh? well now we cant talk 4real

-i love u guys too

not hitting the vma’s! no reason to be there this year, plus im shooting the film

-i like twitter, but its like everything i say will end up on the blogs the next day!! this way i can talk to ONLY you guys directly

-u guys ready for some new music?

i love my red hair

-its LOUD!!!

-i dont wanna give away the titles yet but only girl is one of em

-im in hawaii , need some surfing lessons

-or maybe i’ll just jetski

its a super SASSY album! it really grabs ur attention

i didnt wanna go backward and remake GGGB, i wanted the next step in the evolution of Rihanna and its perfect for us

luv nicki minaj

{riguardo ad una collaborazione con lei}

we’ll see

only girl is a bigger sound than rude boy

and it gets even bigger for #2

yea 2nd single

im finished recording the whole

-its called Reb’L Fleur

-perfume that is

perfume is called Reb’L Fleur

-i made sure not to let u down with my music! u guys are always defending me, so now u got some great songs to justify it

-i have to go now guys

-but i’ll be back l8r

-i love u guys! chat soon

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